Photographer: Qauffee
Michael Gayle, or ‘Magic Mike’, is an award-winning children’s picture book author/ illustrator based out of Toronto, Canada.
Beginning as a wandering, childhood pass-time, Michael has cultivated a unique, classics-hearkening-with-modern twist writing and illustration style that has garnered critical praise and award from Canadian leadership and ceremony, respectively, and captivated both young and mature audiences in North America, the UK, and Western Europe.
Inspired by his own literary heroes in Robert Munsch, Raold Dahl, and Lewis Carrol, to name a few, Michael's tasteful illustration and eccentric plots have won him a growing and passionate readership throughout the English speaking World.
Do you sell prints or original artwork?
I currently do not sell any prints or original artwork. However, If, and when I did that news will be shared on my social channels (Instagram / Twitter).
Do you do school or library visits?
I do! I love visiting schools and libraries. If you are an educator and would like to explore a visit with your school, please send and email to
Will you sign my book if I ship it to you? 
Unfortunately I do not currently have an address to send letters or books for signing. However, if you follow my social channels you might be able to catch me at a signing event at a bookshop in your area.
Do you use a Goodreads?
I love goodreads, but I especially love being recommended things. If you do too, find me and tell me what books I should be reading.
Have another question? 
Feel free to reach out by email:​​​​​​​