"I'll have friend and feather, though but a dream it may fly!"
The Very Unluckily Lucky Quaroo, written and Illustrated by Magic Mike tells the heart-warming tale of the utterly unlucky plight of an extraordinarily lucky bird whose feathers, with only a single touch, give the gifts of everlasting fortune and luck!
Magic Mike's colourful lyric and illustrations give this story a vibrance and excitement sure to captivate any reader.
"While looking through the pictures in the story, I could not help but be taken back to the days of long ago when I would read the books of Dr. Seuss, whose stories were wildly entertaining and fun with delightfully colorful illustrations to match. I enjoyed The Very Unlucky Lucky Quaroo and recommend the tale to readers aged 5 to 150 and more."

- Rosie Malezer for Reader’s Favorite
Reader's Favorite LLC., 5-Star Award