If you're going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all.
-Joseph Campbell
From The Author:
"My library visits are designed to leave an enduring excitement around books and storytelling with my audiences. The time I spend sharing with readers, young or old(er), is one of the most rewarding, and fulfilling parts of my work, and something I take great pride in."

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Armee F. Malig, Teacher - Librarian, Hyland Elementary School, Surrey, BC
"I am so delighted to speak about the recent children's book author visit at our school by Michael! The event was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on both our students and staff. He captivated the students with his engaging storytelling and interactive presentation. He also spent extra time getting to know the students, connecting with them, and answering all of their curiosities and questions about the writing and illustrating process. He definitely inspired our students to explore their own creative potential! 
Mike’s visit was organized seamlessly, with demonstrating professionalism and enthusiasm from start to finish. They were accommodating of our schedule and created a warm and inclusive atmosphere that encouraged participation from all students! Many students have expressed newfound interest in reading, writing, and illustrating thanks to Mike’s inspiration!"
Chantelle Barham, Grade 4/5 Elementary Teacher, Michelle Jean Public School, Ajax, ON
“It was a joy to have Michael in my classroom! He made this experience so interactive for my students, they were all thoroughly engaged from start to finish. Even the “busiest” of the bunch were wholly invested in what he had to say. I can’t wait to have him back!"
Ruta Puskorius, McLean School, Potomac Maryland
"Michael’s visit to our school inspired our students to be readers and writers. He talked about his journey in becoming an author, read (actually recited) one of his books aloud--engaging students in the delightful story--and answered questions about his craft. The children and teachers enjoyed the presentation immensely and were impressed by his talents as an artist and writer. He formed a great connection with the students. We look forward to watching this young author flourish and grow!"
Matthew M. Wylie – M.A., Vice Principal, La Citadelle International Academy of Arts & Science, Toronto, ON
“Michael provided an excellent and interactive oral / visual presentation to our students at La Citadelle. With each presentation, Gayle creatively engaged with our students and shared with them his love of storytelling, his unique writing style, and the various artistic inspirations he has encountered on his journey as an author and artist.
Our students were very receptive to Gayle’s presentations and his readings, with numerous moments of laughter and hands eagerly raised to answer Gayle’s stimulating questions.
...We were very happy to have Gayle visit La Citadelle and provide our students with an inspiring glimpse into his storytelling methods as a children’s author and would love to have him back to visit us in the near future."
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